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Fred QReturn QR-Code

Create dynamic QR-Codes that can be scanned with our smartphone and lead your customers directly to your products. You decide what your QR-Code will do. Whether it’ll lead to a website, open a form, show text, provide a contact that is ready to add to your address book, send a geolocation or log someone into your WiFi - QReturn gives you the freedom of choice. Whatever solution you choose, with QReturn you can be sure it will be optimized for mobile usability.


Fred QReturn QR-Code

QReturn is the interface that connects you directly with your customers, because QReturn provides formerly one-directional advertising media such as posters a feedback component. This means that you not only find out who your customers are, but also when and where and with which devices they viewed your advertising. In addition, interaction is possible, from sweepstakes signups, sales, to ordering a pizza. QReturn closes the gap between desire and action to buy or participate in something.