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QR Codes as a native App on Android oder iOS


There are hundreds of apps that can be used to scan the codes that you created with QReturn. Whether your QR-Code scanner is already integrated in your device, as it meanwhile is on iOS and Android, or downloaded from Apple’s iTunes, or Google Play for Android, Windows Mobile, it is all really simple and most of them are free. Just select the app or your camera and focus on the QR-Code and you’ll be redirected to whatever the QR-Code’s purpose is. The great thing about our codes is, that they lead your customers really fast to where you want them to. Do want them to give you a callback, save your contact, visit your website or fill out a form ? QReturn will do that for you. QR-Codes can even be shared and thus your message or product will reach even more potential customers.

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QR-Codes on your Android Device

Scan QR-Codes on the Android? Very easily. Among the wide range of apps for Android smartphones, there are also some for scanning QR-Codes. The app "Barcode Scanner" can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store and works great for QR-Codes of all kinds! The app immediately shows the scan function at startup: Point the smartphone at the QR-Code and the app recognizes the code in no time. It does not matter if it concerns barcodes, QR-Codes for web links and URLs or contacts, coordinates, e-mail texts or anything else. It should be emphasized that the various contents are also processed correctly in the app: If you scan a URL, you can open the browser at the touch of a button. If you scan a phone number, you can choose to immediately make a call, send a message or record the number in the address book. The scanned QR-Code can be easily shared via the "send" function. During the process, all imported QR-Codes of the past are listed and can be called up again.

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QR-Codes on the IPhone or IPad

QR-Code Scanners use the camera of your IPhone to read different codes in a matter of seconds, such as QR, barcode, EAN, ISBN or Datamatrix. Once the code has been captured, information is output in various forms. This can be product information, web pages, text, SMS, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, timetables, Wi-Fi data, maps, locations, tickets, bill of lading or business cards. barcoo is a great, fast and fairly comprehensive QR-Code scanner, that can read QR, EAN, ISBN and Datamatrix. It is available on all three platforms (Android, iOS and Windows Mobile) and can be downloaded for free.

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