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Locaboat Holidays

Locaboat Holidays charters out houseboats in France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Ireland and Poland, which you can drive without a boat license.

In 2011 they dit a transport media campain with at least 1,650 Interior Car Cards (side panel posters) in trams in 3 German cities.

  • Advertising medium: side panel posters
  • Cities: Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart
  • Quantity: 550 pieces / city
  • Duration: 3 months

Success: About 7,000 views of the video after 14 days! And a significant rise of bookings from younger people who recocnized the posters in the trains, finding aut, that hiring a houseaboat could be very cool.

And that, although the fact, that mobile Internet in 2011 was not as common as it is today.

Locaboat Holidays
Locaboat Holidays Foto