The best things in life are free

QR-Code Plakat

The best things in life are free. They say! But for QReturn this is no saying. QReturn is absutely free of charge. You have two possibilities:

First whithout statistics: You even not need to registrate. Only fill in the url you want, upload a logo, press the button and you are done. You get a png-file with your code.

Second way: Do a short registration. In that case, you get statistics about your QR-Code. How often it is scanned and you get your QR-Code as a vector-graphic.

In both cases you can generate as many QR-Codes, as you want. Last but not least, we offer our lead-management-system Epileads, which allows you to sample leads spam-free, automatical send informations for your customers and a lot more:

QR-Code Plakat

Imagine a famous model, advertising her new lineup of lipgloss on a 100 ft high electronic screen and right downstairs in the subway teenage girls can buy that lipgloss with a simple scan of a QR-Code.

Or you can order a pizza on your way home with a simple scan and when you arrive home, half an hour later, your pizza is already there.

QReturn closes the gap beween desire and action!

Just send us a mail: and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Individual Proposal

Fred QReturn QR-Code

You need something special? i.e. You want to setup a whole virtual shop with QR-Codes, sample leads or setup a contest or competition? No problem! Just call us and we will calculate an individual proposal.

Exactly for your needs and your wishes.

Just send us a mail: and we will come back to you as soon as possible.


Fred QReturn QR-Code

QBallance is special. QBallance is the first tool on the market, which helps you optimizing your campaign while its running. Imagine, you sell t-shirts. Which one works better on a poster the black one or the red one.

QBallance gives you the answer. Because you can see realtime which QR-Code is scanned more often. If you combine QBallance an elctronic screen advertising, you can test motives realtime and find out, which ad works best.