We are QReturn

We preduce Leads, nothing else.

Benjamin - conducts business and does all the coding

Benjamin is the CEO and owner of Episkepsis UG. He develops the backend and the software of EpiLeads. He like to spend his time in front of a large curved screen in his basement. Strangely enough he only uses this fancy device to put type black letters on a white screen, but only if he isn’t busy with preparing a glamourous dish (usually chinese noodles) or watching the latest episode of Big Bang Theory on his iPhone.

Alexander - develops business and designs websites

Alexander is the owner of kruegermedia and responsible for communication, sales and distribution. Apart from that he translates Benni’s PHP code into a language, normal humans can understand. Furthermore he takes care of such trivial things as frontend-design, corporate identity, but that’s only the case, when he is not sticking posters on buses. However, that is another story.

Pinky - does business, catches mice and likes to chill

Cats rule the web. That’s why two specimen of Felis Silvestris Catus have been part of our team from the very start. Unfortunately Brain was lured into the vastness of our planet and has never been seen since. He just left a sticky note with the remark:”The real world is a shitty game, but the graphics are awesome.” From there on Pinky remains the sole feline supporter of our team.