Mobile Usage for qr-codes

Mobile Usage

With more than 5,07 billion mobile users worldwide in 2017, “internet to go” has become an incredibly extensive and important sector, no serious business can ignore. Whether you want to order a pizza, check your bank account or look up news and information - you’ll most likely use your smartphone. So in order to tap into this potential we created QReturn, which lets your create your own dynamic qr-codes and connects print with online media. This is especially interesting, because until now all print media was one directional and the advertisers did not get to know their customers. QReturn will change that. With our qr-codes you will finally be able to observe and analyze who is watching your ads. Get to know your potential customers and adapt your ads and products to their demands. Therefore QReturn will make your poster ads ready for the 21st century.

QR-Code Subway Station

QReturn is extraordinarily versatile, as qr-codes can be printed on almost any surface. So whether it’s a poster-ad, a newspaper or magazine or even a pizza-box - put your own qr-code on it and attract your potential customers. After they have scanned your qr-code, customers can be lead to your website, receive a text, phone number, SMS, email, geolocation or they can even be connected to your WiFi. The quick and flexible usability of qr-codes is the reason, why Apple integrated a scanner for qr-code into their new cameras.

QReturn is fast, handy and up to date. No more tedious typing and or searching. Just scan the Qr-code and your smartphone will guide you to special, mobile friendly landingpages or forms that are optimized especially for mobile use. This will save time and thereby more customers will pass the threshold of visiting your site.

Would you rather type a lengthy URL into your smartphone in order to get to a product of which you’re not even sure, you are really interested in? Or would you rather scan a code and let your phone do the work?

But that‘s not all. Apart from being fast and flexible, QReturn also collects data from your customers that you can use for remarketing purposes such as newsletters, mailing or optimizing your content to your users’ demands. So get to know your customers with QReturn.

QReturn is optimized for speed and usability. Our interface features only what you really need. So you can focus on your content and your customers. Just select where the qr-code is supposed to lead your potential customers. You can even add a logo via drag’n’drop. Once you’re setup, QReturn will do all the work. Just follow these easy steps.

  • Register
  • Choose package
  • Upload Logo
  • Write a short text
  • Define Target/Function
  • Download code

It’s that easy!